All set for the next Round.

I pondered and researched and worried a little and pondered some more and prayed ¬†for the last two months on what this upcoming school year will look like. I have found what works for us in certain parts of our school but some things were not working. I carefully chose what we will be using, […]

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Alaska to the Baja Peninsula

OK so it’s been 7 adventure filled months since I have written a word for the the blog. I have thought about it really I have but the beaches and trails spoke louder to me than the glowing screen of my computer. I will attempt to summarize our journey on the West coast of North […]

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A New Tradition

I am sure you want to hear about our adventure and I promise it is coming, but I haven’t pinpointed what I want to talk about there is so many things. I do have to admit it has been hard finding the motivation to write during all these sunny days so I will start with […]

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It’s My New Thing!

On this Adventure we are getting ready to launch into in 33 more days, I want to show my kids the country, eat at the local restaurants and try all the cool stuff that each community has to offer. I want to give back and leave really great tips and support local farmers where ever […]

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Our New Home!!

Now I am writing this with cautious excitement because nothing is final but we have put a deposit down on a travel trailer!!!! I have spent hours and morning after morning, that is when I have my alone time, scouring the internet for Rv’s, 5th wheels, travel trailers you name it I have looked at […]

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